"Lord Krishan" Brass Sculpture BS0106
₹2,310 ₹2,079
"Lord Vinayak" Miniature Painting
₹1,660 ₹1,577
"Massenger of Light" Peacock Brass Lamp
₹2,500 ₹2,000
"Neelkanth Mahadev Shiva" Brass Sculpture
₹3,755 ₹3,379
'Black Drongos' Miniature Painting
₹800 ₹736

Carved Stone

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Goddess Lakshmi - Stone Statuette
Material:  Pink soft stone of Orissa
Size:  8.25"H x 3.25"W x 1.50"D
The beautiful stone figure of the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is given a fine portrayal with ..
Ex Tax: ₹2,250
Nritak Ganesh Playing Dholak - Stone Statue
Material:  Pink soft stone of Orissa
Size:  12.50"H x 6"W
The beautiful stone figure of Lord Ganesha is given a refine and spectacular treatment with some d..
Ex Tax: ₹4,770
'In Deep Joy' Laughing Buddha - Green Aventurine Statue
Material:  Green aventurine stone
Size:  3.50"h x 2"W
Ex Tax: ₹2,100
Angels Green Aventurine Hand Carved 5 Statues
Material:  Green Aventurine Gemstone
Size:  2"H each Approx.
Weight:  110 gm. Approx.
Ex Tax: ₹1,050
Angels Quartz Crystal Carvings - Set of 2
Material:  Quartz Crystal
Size:  2"H Approx.
Weight:  46 gm Approx.
Ex Tax: ₹570
Gemstone Fengshui Frog Figurine
Material:  Naturar Stone
Size:  1.75" x 1.10"
Weight:  32 gm.
Ex Tax: ₹350
Green Aventurine Statuette "Royal Elephant"
Material:  Green Aventurine Gemstone
Size:  3.60"H x 4.35"W x 2.25"D
Weight:  436 gm.
Ex Tax: ₹3,580
Guardian Angel - Aventurine Stone Statue
Material:  Green Aventurine Stone
Size:  2"H Approx.
Weight:  22 gm. Approx.
Ex Tax: ₹290
Healing Angel Aventurine Pocket Statue - Set of 2
Material:  Green Aventurine Stone
Size:  2"H Approx.
Weight:  46 gm. Approx.
Ex Tax: ₹480
Quartz Crystal Guardian Angels - Set of 5
Material:  Quartz Crystal
Size:  2"H Approx.
Weight:  120 gm. Approx.
Ex Tax: ₹1,250
Tiger Eye Statue 'Little Tortoise'
Material:  Tiger Eye Stone
Size:  2" x 1.30"
Weight:  29 gm.
Ex Tax: ₹320
Tiger Eye Stone 'Saluting Elephant'
Material:  Tiger Eye Natural Stone
Size:  1.60"H x 2.40"W
Weight:  43 gm.
Ex Tax: ₹425
Rozy Tortoise - Quartz Statuette
Material:  Rose Quartz Natural Stone
Size:  0
The beautiful tortoise has been sculpted out of red stone with some excellent sculptural tenets. T..
Ex Tax: ₹576
Quartz Crystal Figurine "Powerful Lion"
Material:  Quartz crystal
Size:  2"x 1"
Weight:  0.2800 gm
Ex Tax: ₹890