Ganesha-Vighana Vinashaka

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Material: Wood
Size: 9.5"x5.5"
Weight: 200 Gms.

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Quick Overview:

Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God in Hinduism, is the remover of all obstacles. He is worshipped first in any prayers. His names are repeated first before any auspicious work is begun, before any kind of worship is begun. It is believed that worshipping him removes all obstacles. The eldest son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, he is the Lord of power and wisdom. Lord Shiva made His son worthy of worship at the beginning of all undertakings, marriages, expeditions, studies, etc. Without the Grace of Sri Ganesha and His help nothing whatsoever can be achieved. No action can be undertaken without His support, Grace or blessing.

General Features :

  • Size:9.5"x5.5"
  • Weight:200 Gms.
  • Material:Wood

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