"Lord Krishan" Brass Sculpture BS0106
₹2,310 ₹2,079
"Lord Vinayak" Miniature Painting
₹1,660 ₹1,577
"Massenger of Light" Peacock Brass Lamp
₹2,500 ₹2,000
"Neelkanth Mahadev Shiva" Brass Sculpture
₹3,755 ₹3,379
'Black Drongos' Miniature Painting
₹800 ₹736

Tribal Arts

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"Ancient Rider" Tribal Sculpture
The tribal man is standing on an animal. Simplicity, smoothness, plain design all these make the f..
Ex Tax: ₹1,285
"Tribal Saga" Tribal Folk Sculpture
Material:   Brass
Size:  3.75" x 14" x 7"
Ex Tax: ₹4,200
A Garbha Tribe Musician
Material:  Brass
Size:  7.75"h x 3.75"w
The beautiful image of the Garbha musician has been nicely crafted in the traditional dhokra style..
Ex Tax: ₹1,474
A Tribal Woman Worker
Material:  Brass
Size:  14.5"h x4"w
Set out for her daily work, the tribal woman has been beautifully crafted by the sculptor using th..
Ex Tax: ₹1,682
A Trible Farmer-Casted Bell Metal Sculpture
Material:  Brass
Size:  13"h x 3.5"w
The metal figure of the tribal farmer is being nicely crafted out revealing the tough nature of li..
Ex Tax: ₹1,682
Baby Ganesha with Lord Shiva - Dhokra Statue
Material:  Brass Alloy
Size:  3.75" x 5"
Ex Tax: ₹1,260
Bastar Statuette - The Smoker
Material:  Brass
Size:  8.50" x 2"
The Bastar tribal man is smoking and the figure reveals a greater degree of refinement and embelli..
Ex Tax: ₹1,512
Brass Sculpture-Couple
Material:  Brass
Size:  5.5"x3.2"
Brass statuatte of a happy couple from the Orissa tribal belt of India.A small and beautiful piece..
Ex Tax: ₹794
Brass Statuatte-Happy Family
Material:  Brass
Size:  6"x5.5"
The mother, father and the child on the lap of the mother constitute a happy family. They are comi..
Ex Tax: ₹851
Bull Riders - Tribal Sculpture
Material:  Brass alloy
Size:  8"H x 5"W x 2.50"D
Bull riders are beautifully depicted in this spectacular brass figure. A deep sense of beauty and ..
Ex Tax: ₹1,229
Candle Holder - The Performers
Material:  Brass
Size:  8.75"h x 3.50"w
The beautiful candle holder depicts six human figures on it. Cast on the dhokra format, the work r..
Ex Tax: ₹1,191
Candle Stand - Group Of Dancers
Material:  Brass
Size:  7.25"h x 4.75"w
The candle stand crafted in the Dhokra technique reveals the smoothness and refine character of th..
Ex Tax: ₹1,229
Children Of Forest - Craft Of Bastar
Material:  Brass,wood
Size:  14.25" x 6.75"
This is a beautiful Dhokra Art Wall Hanging. It is beautiful crafts from Bastar reveal excellence ..
Ex Tax: ₹1,361
Cute Squirrel Tribal Brass Statue
A cute squirrel is given a detail and minute touch in this beautiful brass figure. Squirrel is a s..
Ex Tax: ₹1,134
Dance of Universe - Dhokra Art Sculpture
Material:  Brass alloy
Size:  25"H x 25"W x 4.50"D
Lord Shiva, the master of music is being crafted in the traditional dhokra style with a greater de..
Ex Tax: ₹10,301