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"Amba Maa - Brass Sculpture "
Material:  Brass
Size:  13"H x 10.50"W x 5.75"D
Weight:  6.8000 gm
Ex Tax: ₹7,854
"Ancient Rider" Tribal Sculpture
The tribal man is standing on an animal. Simplicity, smoothness, plain design all these make the f..
Ex Tax: ₹1,285
"Ancient Warrior" Decorative Betel Nut Cutter
Material:  Brass
Size:  4.50"H x 7.75"W
Weight:  0.7400 gm
Ex Tax: ₹1,500
"Ascetic Shiva" - Handpainted Pendant
Material:  Sterling silver, glass, watercolors
Size:  2" H
Ex Tax: ₹735
"Bodhisattva" Fine Brass Sculpture
Material:  Brass
Size:  15.50"H x 7.50"W x 3.75"D
Weight:  5.550 kg.
Ex Tax: ₹7,700
"Buddha Seated on Ornament Throne" - Brass Statue
Material:  Brass
Size:  9.50"H x 6"W x 2.25"D
Weight:  2.2500 gm
Ex Tax: ₹3,700
"Cowherd Krishna" Brass Sculpture
Material:  Brass
Size:  12"H x 5"W x 3.40"D
Weight:  3.5000 gm
A great deal of refinement in execution, the precision of a surgeon in completion is manifest in the..
Ex Tax: ₹4,500
"Devi Luxmi" - Brass Sculpture BS0126
Material:  Brass
Weight:  2 Kg.
General Features : Size: 11"H x 4.75"W x 4"D Material: Brass Warranty Status : No Warra..
Ex Tax: ₹2,800
"Devi Ma Saraswati" - Brass Sculpture
Material:  Brass
Size:  16"H x 9.50"W x 5.50"D
Weight:  7 Kg.
Ex Tax: ₹9,800
"Fashion Carnival" Gujarati Wall Hanging
Material:  Old sari cloths,sequins,beads and mixed material
Size:  56"x 38"
General Features : Size: 56"x 38" Material: Old sari cloths,sequins,beads and mixed materi..
Ex Tax: ₹1,489
"Gajmukh Lord Ganesh" Brass Statue
Material:  Brass
Size:  12.50"H x 9"W x 7"D
Weight:  6.8400 gm
Ex Tax: ₹9,450
"Goddess Dhana Lakshmi" Brass Sculpture BS0154
Material:  Brass
General Features : Size: 12"H x 7"W x 3.25"D Material: Brass Warranty Status : No Warra..
Ex Tax: ₹5,891
"Goddess Lakshmi" Handpainted Pendant
Material:   Sterling silver,glass, watercolors
Size:  2"H
Ex Tax: ₹735
"Goddess Lakshmi" Nirmal Painting
Material:  Wood, enamel colors
Size:  10.5"h x 7.5"w
Weight:  390.0000 gm
Ex Tax: ₹900
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"Goddess Laxmi" Resin Statue
General Features : Size: 4.50"H x 3"W x 1.25"D Material: Resin   ..
Ex Tax: ₹250
"Goddess of Wealth" Mata Lakshmi - Velvet Painting
Material:  Water colors on Velvet
Size:  18" x 16"
General Features : Size: 18" x 16" Material: Water colors on Velvet Available Unframed ..
Ex Tax: ₹397
"Jai Deva Ganesha" Velvet Painting
Material:  Water colors on Velvet
Size:  26" x 20"
General Features : Size: 26" x 20" Material: Water colors on Velvet Available Unframed ..
Ex Tax: ₹772
"Lord Krishna" Vishnu Dashavtar Patachitra Painting
Material:  Patti Paper (Cotton and Paper Togather)
Size:  19" x 13"
He is playing his flute behind the tree as the cow grazes. In His incarnation as Krishna, Lord Vis..
Ex Tax: ₹2,063
"Lord Luxmi Narain Seated on Sheshnag"- Brass Statue
Material:  Brass
Size:  8.50"H x 4.50"W x 3"D
Weight:  1.9000 gm
Ex Tax: ₹2,660
"Lord Skanda" Kartikeya Kalamkari Painting 2588
Material:  Cotton Cloth
Size:  46" x 37"
Ex Tax: ₹2,250