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Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary (Vol. 1: Grammar; Vol. 2: Dictionary)

Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary (Vol. 1: Grammar; Vol. 2: Dictionary)

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This is the first attempt at a description of the grammar and lexicon of Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit. Most North Indian Buddhist texts are composed in it. It is based primarily on an old Middle Indic vernacular not otherwise identifiable. But there seems reason to believe that it contains features which were borrowed from other Middle Indic dialects. In other words, even its Middle Indic aspects are dialectically somewhat mixed. Most strikingly, however, BHS was also extensively influenced by Sanskrit from the very beginning of the tradition as it has been transmitted to us, and increasingly as time went on. Many (especially later) products of this tradition have often, though misleadingly, been called simply `Sanskrit`, without qualification. In principle, the author has excluded from the grammar and dictionary all forms which are standard Sanskrit, and all words which are used in standard Sanskrit with the same meanings.

About the Author

FRANKLIN EDGERTON (July 24, 1885 December 7, 1963) was an American linguistic scholar. He was Salisbury Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology at Yale University (1926) and visiting Professor at Benares Hindu University (1953 ). Between 1913 and 1926, he was the Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Pennsylvania. He is well known for his exceptionally literal translation of the Bhagavad Gita which was published as volume 38-39 of the Harvard Oriental Series in 1944. He also edited the parallel edition of four recensions of the Simhasana Dvatrmsika (32 Tales of the Throne), also known as Vikrama Charita: Adventures of Vikrama), and a reconstruc-tion of the (lost) original Sanskrit text of the Pancatantra.

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    • Publisher  :   Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
    • Edition  :   April 15, 1998
    • Pages  :   866
    • Weight   :   2.630g.
    • Size   :   8.9 x 2.1 x 11.1 inches
    • Cover   :   Hardcover
    • Auther :   Franklin Edgerton
    • Language   :    English
    • ISBN : 8172765819, 978-8172765811

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