"Ganesha Aarti Bell"
"Ganesha Aarti Bell"
"Ganesha Aarti Bell"

"Ganesha Aarti Bell"

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    The beautiful brass Aarti Bell depicts the Lord Ganesha on the top and the bell is given a refine treatment and is minutely detailed out. Such aarti bell is an essential part of any religious ceremony and in every temple such bells a required for performing pujas. In this bell, Lord Ganesha, one of the most widely revered gods in Hindusim, is beautifully depicted and the bell has a tapering effect in the middle. The product is quite impressive and is given a flawless touch.

    • Product Code :93680
    • Material :Brass
    • Size : 7"H x 2.50"W
    • Weight :400 gm.


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