The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully
The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully
The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully
The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully
The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully

The Kumbh Mela by Mark Tully

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The Khecharividya of Adinatha, a Sanskrit text dated to pre-1400 ce, teaches khechari-mudra, one of the most important exercises of hatha-yoga, in which the tongue is inserted above the palate in order to drink the amrita or nectar of immortality dripping from the top of the skull. It is said to bestow immortality, the ability to remain in deep meditation for long periods and the power of flight upon its practitioners. The text has been edited for the first time and has never before been accessible to an English-speaking readership. It is accompanied by an introduction and an extensively annotated translation. The author has drawn on twenty-seven Sanskrit manuscripts and original fieldwork amongst yogins in India to demonstrate how earlier tantric yogic techniques developed and mutated into the practices of hatha-yoga. The work sheds new light on the development of hatha-yoga and explains its practices.

About Author:

Where the Ganges and the Jamna meet people from many, many, different traditions of Hinduism come together. There will be many genuinely holy men, some charlatans, and some obscurantists. But the majority of those who come to bathe in the Sangam will be villagers. The Kumbh is an awe-inspiring demonstration of simple piety and a clear example of the power of myth.
Of course, the Kumbh Mela is a magnificent spectacle too. Millions of people gathered in one place, colourful holy men, naked sadhus, wondrous feats of asceticism, piety on a scale unparalleled anywhere else. But much more than a spectacle, the Kumbh Mela is an experience, an experience for which we have to shed our certainties and our self-confidence to be able to capture its meaning through the power of the imagination.

About Author:

Mark Tully was born in Calcutta and educated in England. He spent over twenty years of his life as BBC Delhi Correspondent and covered many of the major events in South Asia, including the 1971 Bangladesh War, the Indian Emergency, the trial and hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Operation Blue Star, the assassinations of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, the destruction of the Ayodhya Mosque, and the Bhopal gas disaster. After leaving the BBC he continued to live in Delhi with his partner Gillian Wright and work as a freelance broadcaster, journalist, and writer. He has now written four books on India.

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