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Sheshnag Arti Lamp

Sheshnag Arti Lamp

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The beautiful arti lamp depicting the sheshnag has been executed in a polished and refine manner revealing some of the graling features of Indian religious sculpture. An important component of Hindu mythology, Sheshnag is the reclining couch and roofing canopy for Vishnu, Sheshnag is being worshipped by all and venerated by the Hindus all over the country. He is considered the king of the serpent race and the ruler of the infernal regions. Lord Vishnu sleeps on the bed of its coils during the intervals of creation. Sheshnag is also represented as one supporting the world on its hood.

    • Product Code :2874
    • Size: 5.50"h x5.85"d x3.50"w
    • Material: Brass


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