Copy of The Solar System (Hardcover) by A.E. Powell

Copy of The Solar System (Hardcover) by A.E. Powell

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  • Edition : 2015
  • Pages : 371
  • Weight : 800gm
  • Size : 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Cover :Hardcover
  • Author : A.E. Powell (Author)
  • Language : English
  • ISBN : 8170594316, 978-8170594314
  • Publisher : Theosophical Publishing House

 About The Book 

The Solar System offers a comprehensive picture of the streams of life, passing from stage to stage of development, to the level of humanity and beyond. This valuable work is the last of a series of books that present a coherent and sequential account of the finer bodies of Man and his role in the Scheme of Evolution. It was preceded by The Etheric Double, The Astral Body, The Mental Body, and The Causal Body, all of them by the same author. 
Human evolution takes place as the soul experiences birth in different races and civilizations. The vast panaroma presented here and the details of the human constitution contained in the other books of the author, awaken insight into the glorious nature of the cosmic process, and the great future awaiting the human being on his pilgrimage towards the Eternal. 


Both before and since the publication in 1893 of The secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky, there has become available for students of occultism a good deal of information regarding the Solar System and the streams of life amongst which is our own humanity—which evolve in that system. In 1883 appeared Esoteric Buddhism by A. P. Sinnett, followed in 1896 by The Groth of the soul by the same author. In 1897 was published. The Ancient Wisdom by Annie Besant, and in 1903 this great student of the occult delivered an important series of lectures, afterwards published in book form, under the title The Pedigree of Man, dealing in greater detail than anything previously published with the Solar System, with its Chains, Rounds, Globes, Sib-races, etc. Further elaboration and details have been added by C. W. Leadbeater in various books, notably The Inner Life, Volumes I and II. and A textbook of Theosophy. 
In 1913 appeared that monumental work, Man: whence, flow and Whither? In addition to these, two fascinating volumes, entitled The Story of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria,with maps of those continents, from the pen of W. Scott-Elliot, appeared in 1896 and 1904 respectively, describing in very full detail the races that inhabited those lands, and their civilisations.