Textiles of Banaras Yesterday and Today
Textiles of Banaras Yesterday and Today
Textiles of Banaras Yesterday and Today

Textiles of Banaras Yesterday and Today

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Banaras, usually known as a religious and cultural centre, is also famous since antiquity for its textile industry. Banaras textiles and the designs produced there were sold throughout India and exported to many foreign countries. The Buddha was shrouded in a fine Banaras cloth, and kings and queens all over India used to dress with its more exquisite brocades. All foreign visitors to the city commented on this textile art, in which Banaras traditionally excelled.
Textiles of Bananas: Yesterday and Today is the product of a deep research on this textile industry since the distant past up to our times. The book explains in detail the different designs used and their conception, the various types of cloth weaving and the techniques employed (making of the threads, dyeing, stretching the warp, polishing, tools used, etc.), and handicrafts such as embroideries (karchobi, zardozi, etc.). It also studies the socio-economic condition of the artisans.
Illustrated with many colour and black and white pictures showing old and new designs, this book is the more complete book on this subject up to date, and will be invaluable for researchers, designers, and art lovers.


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