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Aum Sweet Aum IV - Velvet Wall Hanging

Aum Sweet Aum IV - Velvet Wall Hanging

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The spectacular wall hanging depicts the Hindu sacred word OM in a most prolific manner. A number of green dress designs have been nicely put together. Aum (OM) is the sound of the infinite, the essence of all mantras, the highest of all mantras or divine word (shabda), brahman (ultimate reality) itself. Aum is said to be the essence of the Vedas. By sound and form, AUM symbolizes the infinite Brahman (ultimate reality) and the entire universe. Here, A stands for Creation; U stands for Preservation; M stands for Destruction or dissolution This is representative of the Trinity of God in Hindu dharma (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). The three portions of AUM relate to the states of waking, dream and deep sleep and the three gunas (rajas, satva, tamas)

General Features :

  • Size: 36" x 36"
  • Material: Velvet and cotton cloth

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