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Careful Eyes of Devi-Madhubani Tattoo Painting

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The beautiful eyes of the Devi, a local goddess of the Mithila region in Bihar, is being given a nice depiction in the Madhubani painting. Tatoo paintings are quite popular in the Mithila region and a number of animal figures are painted in such paintings. The raw materials used for this painting are papers, satin cloth, fabric cloth, cotton, cloth etc. Mithila paintings, alternately called Madhubani, are a folk tradition kept alive by women in northern Bihar. Together, they draw traditional designs and depict events from epic mythology on the floors and walls of their houses using crushed wet rice and natural colors on handmade paper. From this age old tradition stemmed the practice of drawing Mithila paintings on a canvas of handmade paper or pure mulberry silk fabric, using natural colors and dyes. Brushes, sharpened reeds and pen nibs are used to draw the designs and figurations.

General Features :

  • Size:22"x30"
  • Weight:100 Gms.
  • Material:Handmade Paper
  • Colors:Vegetable and Natural Colors
  • Available Unframed

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