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Goddess Lakshmi - Kalamkari Painting

Goddess Lakshmi - Kalamkari Painting

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The spectacular Kalamkari painting depicts the Goddess of wealth with a greater degree of finesse. A great deal of gracefulness and rich feminine beauty is manifest in the beautiful Kalamkari painting that depicts the goddess of wealth and prosperity seated on a lotus, the symbol of purity. The Goddess, worshipped for wealth and prosperity, is holding two lotuses on her two hands. The spectacular painting has some exquisite designs on it and the beautiful pattern of colours add some sparks to the work. Centred on Kalahasti region of Andhra Pradesh, this type of painting is characterized by strong colour pattern and lines.

  • Product Code : 2617
  • Size: 46"H x 38"W
  • Material: Cotton Cloth
  • Colors: Vegetable and natural dyes
  • Available Unframed

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