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Goddess Luxmi Wood Statuette

  • Rs. 8,400.00

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The spectacular wooden figure of the wife of the Preserver of the World, Lord Vishnu, is given a fine touch with some nice designs and a deep sense of finesse. The Goddess is one of the most worshipped gods in Hinduism and she is worshiped for wealth and prosperity. A feminine beauty and sensuality is manifest on the figure. She is also wearing some sparkling dress and ornaments.

General Features :

  • Size: 23.75"H x 11"W x 4.75"D
  • Weight: 6.10 kg.
  • Material: Albizzia lebbeck wood ( closely resembles teak wood ) Warranty Status : No Warranty
    Estimated Delivery Time : 5 Days
    Merchant Type : Manufacturer

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