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kali Ma - Black Marble Statue

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Mahakali another form of Goddess Durga in a fiery posture,a classical sculpture carved from a single block of Black Marble.As shown here is Devi Kali with her tounge out and her right foot on Lord Shiva,She holds the head of a slain demon in her upper left hand,collecting blood in a cup in lower left hand while she holds a weapon on upper right hand for slaying demons simultaneously she bleesses her devoties and righteous people with her lower right hand.This sculpture is painted in grey tone by the artist with 22 k gold work on ornaments.

General Features :

  • Size: 24"
  • Weight: 23 Kg.
  • Material: Black Marble
  • Availability: Usaually Ships in 15 days Warranty Status : No Warranty
    Estimated Delivery Time : 5 Days
    Merchant Type : Manufacturer

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