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Lord Ardhnarishwar - Stone Sculpture

Lord Ardhnarishwar - Stone Sculpture

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Lord Shiva, one of the Trinity Gods in Hinduism, the other two being Lord Brahma and Vishnu, is responsible for destruction. But destruction is the immediate prelude to regeneration. Here the Lord is represented as Ardhnariswar: Half male (Shiva) and half Shakti. It represents the duality of existence in every human being. The right side is that of Shakti and the right of Shiva. Even the vehicles of the Lord and Shakti are given refine treatment.

General Features :

  • Size: 8.25"H x 3.75"W
  • Material: Pink soft stone from Orissa
  • Special Note: Not in a single piece of stone Warranty Status : No Warranty
    Estimated Delivery Time : 5 Days
    Merchant Type : Manufacturer

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