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Lord Shiva Stops Fierce Kali

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An epitome of tremendous force and energy, the female goddess Mahakali is being depicted dancing over the sleeping Shiva. The Goddess is wearing the garlands of human skulls and her black figure and the bulging lip show an element of awe and ferocity. The sleeping Shiva symbolizes ignorance as surrounds our life. Her body is painted black and every part of the body is being given a detail and refine treatment. She represents the darker side of human beings and worshipping her protects us from the evil forces. The painting has some spectacular floral designs on it. There is an interesting story about how Shiva stops Kali from her frenzy. In Kali's most famous myth, Durga and her assistants, the Matrkas, wound the demon Raktabija. But with every blood that is spilt from Raktabija, the demon reproduces a copy of himself. The battlefield becomes increasingly filled with his duplicates. Durga, in dire need of help, summons Kali to combat the demons. Kali destroys Raktabija by suckling the blood from his body and putting the many Raktabija duplicates in her gaping mouth. An overjoyed Kali starts dancing on the battlefield, stepping on the corpses of the slain. Her consort Shiva lies among the dead beneath her feet. Kali, becoming drunk on the blood of her victims on the battlefield, dances with destructive frenzy. In her fury she fails to see the body of her husband Shiva who lies among the corpses on the battlefield. Ultimately the cries of Shiva attract Kali's attention, calming her fury. As a sign of her shame at having disrespected her husband in such a fashion, Kali sticks out her tongue and stops her frenzy.

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  • Size:11.50" x 17.50"
  • Material: Tusser silk
  • Colors: Pigment and Water Colors
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