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Lord Uma Maheshwara - Kalamkari Painting

Lord Uma Maheshwara - Kalamkari Painting

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The spectacular Kalamkari painting of Lord Shiva, one of the Trinity Gods in Hinduism, the two other being Lord Brahma and Vishnu, seated with His wife Uma, is given a nice portrayal. The Lord and His wife Uma are seated on the Kailasha mountain as their vehicle Nandi is sitting down. Both the Lord and His wife are given some rich treatment. The ornamental effulgence of colours and the characters that emerge on the beautiful painting, help create a resplendent spread. Kalamkari art is unique in its use of colour as a medium to portray mythological characters. Kalamkari is the art of painting cotton fabrics with a kalam i.e. pen, a sharp pointed pierced bamboo that regulates flow of colour on the fabric

General Features :

  • Size: 46" x 37"
  • Material: Cotton Cloth
  • Colors: Vegetable and natural dyes
  • Available Unframed

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