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Mata Mahakali Marble Sculptures

Mata Mahakali Marble Sculptures

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The ferocious image of Mahakali, the goddess of horror, is beautifully carved out of stone. Her each hand is carrying variously a sword, a trishul (trident), a severed head and a bowl or skull-cup (kapala) catching the blood of the severed head. Her eyes are depicted as red with intoxication and in absolute rage, Her hair is shown disheveled, small fangs sometimes protrude out of Her mouth and Her tongue is lolling. She has a garland of human heads. She is shown standing on the prone, inert or dead body of Shiva. This is interpreted various ways but the most common is that Mahakali represents Shakti, the power of pure Creation in the universe, and Shiva represents pure consciousness, which is inert in and of itself.

General Features :

  • Size: 42"
  • Material: Balck Marble
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