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O Master!Please Have For Me That Golden Deer

O Master!Please Have For Me That Golden Deer

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The artist have captured one of the most significant moments in Ramayana, when Sita asked her husband to get the disguised golden deer, who was in fact a demon Marich. The use of vibrant colours, strong lines, and natural dyes on silk cloth are some of the basic features of the Patachitra paintings of Orissa. Mainly made on silk or on old cotton glued with paper, the artists use a mixture of chalk and tamarind seed paste to give the surface a leather like texture. The figures have been arduously painted giving each and every one equal treatment. The colourful treatment of the jungle, flower, the deer, and Lord Rama along with Sita has yielded a rare effect to the painting.

General Features :

  • Size:19.50" x 9.25" (painted Area)
  • Material: Tussar Silk
  • Colors: Pigment and Water Colors
  • Available Unframed

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