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Remover of Obstacles - Batik Painting

Remover of Obstacles - Batik Painting

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The beautiful Batik painting of Lord Ganesha is given a refine and detail treatment. A deep sense of gracefulness and accomplishment is manifest in this sparkling painting. Lord Ganesha is also known as the Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Wisdom, as He creates obstacles on our life and removes the same as we worship the Lord. Ganesha is worshipped before undertaking any ritual or journey. Batik is one of the most popular forms of paintings in India and a Batik painter needs to have a proper understanding of patterns and colours. The method of waxing and dewaxing gives rise to a special effect here.

General Features :

  • Product Code: 2111
  • Size:66" x 44"
  • Material:Cotton Cloth
  • Available Unframed

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