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Shining Moon with Stars - Batik Painting

Shining Moon with Stars - Batik Painting

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The beautiful Batik painting depicts the shining moon along with some bright stars. The moon is given a sparkling treatment in a human figure. Batik literally means 'wax writing'. Indians knew the technique of Batik some 2000 years back. A batik artist needs to have a good sense of colors and patterns. Though the motifs used in batik are simple, knowledge of color gradations and tack to remove wax finely are required. Applying the wax resist and systematic cracking are the key to a beautiful art piece. The characteristic batik effect is created by cracking of wax on the lighter hues and seeping in of the darker colors through them.

  • Product Code: 2068
  • Size:20"x22"
  • Material:Cotton Cloth
  • Available Unframed

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