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Twenty Four Tirthankaras in Lotus - Brass Statue

Twenty Four Tirthankaras in Lotus - Brass Statue

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The beautiful brass figure of the 24 Tirthankaras on a sparkling lotus is given a spectacular treatment with s greater sense of finesse and perfection. Lord Mahaveera, the 24th Tirthankara is seated in a meditative posture amidst all other 23 Tiorthankaras. The first Tirthankara was Lord Rishabha (Adinath), second Ajitnath, 23rd was Parshva and Mahaveera was 24th. In Jainism, a Tirthankar ('Ford maker') is a human being who achieves enlightenment (perfect knowledge) through asceticism and who then becomes a role-model teacher for those disciples who seek spiritual guidance. A Tirthankar shows others the path to enlightenment and his religious teachings form the Jain canons. The inner knowledge of all Tirthankars is perfect and identical. At the end of his human life-span, a Tirthankar achieves liberation ('moksh' or 'nirvan'), ending the cycle of infinite births and deaths. Twenty four Tirthankars are born in each half cycle of time (that is forty eight in each full cycle), in this part of the universe. In our current (descending) half cycle of time, the first Tirthankar Rishabh Dev[citation needed], lived billions of years ago and attained liberation ('moksh' or 'nirvan') towards the end of the third era. The 24th and last Tirthankar was Mahavir Swami (599-527 BC). The next Tirthankar in our part of the universe will be born at the beginning of the third era of the next (ascending) half cycle of time, in approximately 81,500 years.

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